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Strategic Partnerships


Offering Data as a Service and Cloud solutions for the storage, management and distribution of geospatial data through open-source internet protocols since 1995.  Valtus provides cost-effective, worry-free solutions, allowing users to derive value from data by ensuring it’s consistent and reliable availability, delivering precisely how and when they need it.


GDM was formed in 1997 and provides comprehensive pipeline, midstream and facility information to the North American Oil and Gas Industry and other related sectors.  GDM is the industry leader in providing accurate, detailed and critical information on pipeline and related infrastructure throughout Western Canada and the Northern United States.  GDM leads the way as a result of strong strategic and technology partnerships, a dedication to quality by its employees and by innovative leadership.  Our flagship product is the GDM Pipeline and Facilities Database with complete coverage of Alberta, British Columbia, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, North Dakota and Montana pipeline infrastructure and related information.  Our databases are used by all Canadian oil and gas companies, service companies, survey operations and governmental organizations.  GDM also offers a GIS Services department for GIS pipeline and database consulting services and custom projects.

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