About Us : Vision & Core Values

Divestco's Vision & Core Values

Our vision is to be Canada’s leading Geoscience company, providing a focused offering of data, software and services through innovation and technical expertise worldwide.


We are committed to our customers:

  • We recognize the critical role they play in our success
  • We are highly responsive to their requests
  • We seek mutually beneficial solutions
  • We strive to understand their needs and exceed their expectations

We are committed to our employees:

  • We recognize the critical role they play in our success
  • We value self-motivated individuals
  • We strive to empower and motivate individuals
  • We treat all staff with respect

We are committed to our leaders:

  • We strive to empower leaders at all levels of the organization
  • We hold leaders responsible for their decisions
  • We value leaders who maintain clear and active lines of communication


  • We seek out innovative solutions and reward creative thinking
  • We are willing to explore new ideas and take calculated risks
  • We strive to be innovative market-leaders in our product and service offerings


  • We keep our word and follow through on our commitments
  • We value fiscal responsibility and practice good stewardship of resources 
  • We value employees who take responsibility for their actions


  • We are decisive in our actions and strive to make decisions efficiently
  • We react nimbly to changes within our industry and macroenvironment
  • We value a lean organization that is able to adapt and change
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