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Divestco Announces New Leadership in Processing

Divestco is pleased to announce the appointment of Mr. Rob Howey as Director of Processing. Rob, previously a Senior VP of Processing with Arcis Corporation, joins us with 30+ years of experience. Prior to Arcis Corporation, Rob was the Processing Manager with Kelman Technologies.

In addition, Divestco is excited to announce Mr. Dan Negut, M. Sc. Geophysics, as our Chief Geophysicist. With 35 years of processing experience, Dan has extensive Time & Depth, Land & Marine and 2D/3D expertise on projects situated in 63 countries around the world. Dan has a proven record of successfully completing processing projects in both structural and stratigraphic geological settings for numerous global Oil and Gas Companies.

Rob Howey and Dan Negut have worked together as a team for over 20 years and were instrumental in building world class seismic processing centres.  Divestco is very excited to have these gentlemen lead our innovative processing team.