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Data Project Conversions

Divestco has a wide breadth of knowledge and experience working with domestic and international clients to identify, validate and rectify the geodetic components of spatial data and projects.

Every project and dataset used in an assessment, analysis and development of geophysical projects will contain a spatial coordinate. These coordinates must be referenced to a datum (ellipsoidal reference surface) and a corresponding map projection (easting/northing or XY). Worldwide, the datum differences can account for spatial differences reaching 800 m while projections can reach 1500 m depending on your area of interest. Domestically, datum and projection differences can reach 250 m working south of 60 N.

Data Project Conversion Strengths:

  • Researched and documented datum and projection options for the Area of Interest (AOI)
  • Knowledgeable and trusted source to validate and document the datum, projection, prime meridian and units of measurement for provided data and expected geodetics
  • Awareness and knowledge gained on expected and possible spatial risks related to geodetics in your AOI
  • Confidence in the spatial accuracy and integrity of projects

Some data we've worked with in related projects:

  • Survey navigation files (SEGP1, UKOOA, ascii)
  • Seismic survey (SEGY)
  • Exported project data (dxf, dwg, dgn, shp, mxd)
  • Culture files (provided or downloaded from the internet)
  • Ancillary data (Lidar, imagery)
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Geodetic facts that contribute to spatial errors

There are:
  • 14 Prime Meridians worldwide (primary is Greenwich)
  • Over 450 unique and published datums
  • Over 1500 published projection combinations
  • 49 defined ellipsoids
  • Over 50 units of measurement (14 associated with “foot”)
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