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Geomatics Advisory Support (GAS)

Divestco Geomatics Advisory Support Service offers you the opportunity to inexpensively outsource the role of a Geomatics specialist providing technical support, consulting and advisory services on domestic and international spatially related matters. Our breadth of knowledge and expertise around the globe provides us with a unique opportunity to offer Geomatics support, available on a day to day basis, not necessarily tied to any specific project.

GAS Services Include:

  • Trouble shoot and provide solutions to technical inquiries and questions related to datums, projections, local grids, deviation surveys, and risk mitigation practices
  • Outline specified Country geodetic details relating to various datum and projection options along with the associated spatial risk associated through investigations as a Geomatics Parameter Sheet
  • Confirmation and validation of geodetic information related to spatial data (SEGP1, SEGY, Shapefiles or geoTiffs, satellite imagery)
  • Attend various meetings in the client work environment to understand their current workstation and data status regarding spatial integrity and provide technical spatial support where required
  • Support clients in an advisory role for project setup, field survey procedures, liaise with field staff and partners on the client’s behalf
  • Represent the client at CAPP Geomatics Committee or other related meetings
  • Provide customized education sessions at client offices (4/year)

GAS Strengths:

  • Access to local Geomatics expertise to resolve or advise on geodetic matters as required
  • Technical expertise without the hassles of multiple invoices for every call or service provided
  • Flexible invoicing model – offered monthly, quarterly or annually