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Player Position Maps

Simple Access to Knowing the Plays.

Divestco’s industry leading Player Position Maps depict enhanced land data independently validated through Divestco’s own extensive research. Select from our inventory of cost-effective, pre-built maps depicting current lease holdings, project locations, mergers, acquisitions and current company land positions. Divestco independently tracks and validates all news releases to ensure that the most current leases are depicted.

Players Maps Strengths:

  • Current and affordable pre-built maps
  • Useful for reports, presentations and to improve overall understanding of a specific area
  • Flexible delivery options – one-time or save with a quarterly or monthly subscription
  • Choice of deliverables – paper or digital
  • Custom branding solutions
  • Most current data available – ERCB board data is limited by comparison

Layers Include:

  • Grid (detailed to the section)
  • Culture (hydrology, military bases, places, parks and reserves)
  • Wells (wells drilled in the past 6 months are highlighted)
  • Pipelines (high pressure / color coded by substance – proposed and existing)
  • GPS transportation and railroads (primary and secondary)
  • Refineries and Upgraders
  • Land Leases by company and broker - color coded by lease holder
  • Geological edges, formation outlines, boundaries and inset
  • Deposits (known and inferred)
  • Project Outlines (existing and proposed)
  • Upcoming Land Sales (updated every land sale)
  • Surface Mineable extent
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Available Players Maps

Available Formats

  • PDF
  • Paper
  • ESRI Shapefiles or Geodatabase
  • AutoCAD DWG or DXF
  • MicroStation
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