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Seismic Data Management

Divestco manages seismic data on behalf of owners of seismic data libraries and oil companies; acting as a marketing agent for seismic data and as the liaison between industry seismic data and the brokerage community. The largest brokerage team in Canada coupled with a com-prehensive suite of seismic products and services enable us to take a unique and innovative approach to the sale of seismic data.

In managing a company’s seismic data, Divestco provides a sample print of the applicable seismic information to an interested party for inspection. If a sale results, Divestco ensures that all necessary copies of the information are correctly prepared by the various suppliers and delivered to the purchaser. Divestco invoices the purchaser and credits the vendor; collecting and dispersing the monies from the transaction and ensuring that appropriate license agreements are prepared for each transaction.

Data Sales Management Strengths:

  • Outsource management of proprietary seismic information to better focus energy and resources on the development of oil and gas reserves
  • Interactively manage your projects (using eBroker)
  • Create immediate and extensive exposure for your data in the marketplace(data is highlighted in MapQ and eBroker)