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is a single-point data access software solution that enables project teams to explore, analyze, extract and map public and proprietary data with ease to make faster and more accurate decisions.

Using industry-leading technologies, GeoCarta provides a modern, intuitive interface and access to common oil and gas workflows. Users are productive in a short period of time, regardless of experience or proficiency with GIS.

GeoCarta   GeoCarta


GeoCarta GIS

  • Extend and maximize the power of ArcGIS desktop across the exploration process easily and intuitively. Learn More about this industry-leading GIS technology.

GeoCarta Map

  • Harness the power of GIS in a simple, efficient, user-designed mapping platform. Learn More about this intuitive and easy-to-use interface.


  • Leverages public and proprietary data simultaneously
  • Assets and workflows are accessible to all levels of users
  • Eliminates the need for multiple applications
  • Powerful search and filter options save time
  • Centralized data assists with project decisions
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Engineering Tools for GeoCarta

Engineering Tools works directly with GeoCarta data sources to give you a quick, powerful, and easy way to evaluate your production data.

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