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Out of the Box Solutions, Maps Built to Your Specifications.

Our Geomatics mapping group provides clear and comprehensive maps designed to educate, inform, and assist you with strategic decisions. With access to a vast data repository, a variety of data layers and imagery sources we have the resources to produce any map as simple or comprehensive as you may require.

Regardless of whether you are working in Kenya or Northern Alberta, we can incorporate all available data or perform the research to locate data for your specific AOI. 

International Mapping

With our vast data repository and ongoing research, we have the resources to create comprehensive international maps. Our experienced team performs extensive research acquiring different types of imagery to find known well sites, roads, access routes, etc. pulling together information that would take significant time to acquire in the field.

Mapping Strengths:

  • One-stop source for mapping
  • Strong understanding of Geomatic variables, including projections and datums worldwide
  • A large, experienced team of professionals
  • Cost-effective, leading products and services
  • Customized branding solutions and flexible delivery options
  • Extensive, worldwide data library
  • Satellite imagery, aerial photography
  • 3D topographic photography
  • GIS analysis
  • Extensive digitizing experience

Mapping Services Include:

  • Player Position Maps
  • Custom Mapping & Data Layers
  • Imagery & Data Mosaics
  • Land Maps
  • Digitizing
  • Dynamic & Enhanced Oil Sands Solutions