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Current State Assessment & Upgrades

Offering Upgrades and Strategies to Mitigate Risk and Verify Spatial Integrity.

Divestco Geomatics has extensive experience migrating reference systems and meeting the industry’s need to address spatial discrepancies between new and legacy data. The use of spatial data is prevalent in our world and can be easily misinterpreted to introduce location errors up to 250 m due to datum differences. While it is still our recommendation to migrate to new reference systems, there are different solutions to identify and mitigate spatial risks while working within your existing environment dependent on company needs, budget and direction:

  • Convert, or migrate, all assets and data (NAD83 Consulting)
  • Evaluate your current state and identify risks to specific areas of interest (DLS Assessment)

Current State Assessment & Upgrade Strengths:

  • Mitigate risk and maximize spatial integrity
  • Minimize gatekeeping costs and error when users are not datum or DLS grid aware
  • Alleviate financial impact to operations: dry holes, trespasses, regulatory penalties, down time for drilling rigs etc.
  • DLS Comparison Maps identify the spatial discrepancies to assist in planning and analysis
  • Evaluate the current state of data, data flow, software, procedures, and associated risks
  • Detailed scoping and strategy developments to assist in the migration to new datum’s and/or grids
  • Identify procedures and processes to work within a stable and reliable data environment

Dominion Land Survey Assessment/Upgrades

Our Dominion Land Survey (DLS) Risk Assessment and Upgrade Services provide you with a unique hands-on approach to address your specific goals and needs towards a NAD83 migration. We analyze and rectify the potential geospatial and geometry risks between your seismic surveys and the data associated with the provincial survey township fabric (from which well coordinates are derived).

DLS Assessment/Upgrade Strengths:

  • DLS grid-preparation for NAD83 migration
  • Conformity to the regulatory body's township grid
  • Compatibility to current GPS acquisition technology
  • Reduced exploration risk and liability related to the township fabric
  • Improved geophysical and geological ties
  • Over 15 years experience providing the industry with DLS Upgrade Services

NAD83 Consulting Services

Our NAD83 Consulting Services use the 3-phase process of evaluation, assessment, and migration to determine your NAD83 conversion strategy.

NAD83 Consulting Strengths:

  • Identification and risk-assessment of spatially-related datasets, applications, and procedures for strategy development
  • Evaluation of NAD83 awareness, as well as gate-keeping policies and procedures within your environment, complete with educational sessions
  • Impact-assessment of a NAD83 data migration and a DLS upgrade on both the application portfolio and the decision-making process
  • Implementation of project-management procedures for the conversion project
  • Coordinate the NAD83 migration with your daily operations, as well as with software and data vendors
  • Compatiable with personal GPS technology
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