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Survey Validation

Make Confident Decisions Based on Validated Data.

Regardless of Divestco’s Survey Validation process, we use proven quality assurance procedures to correctly position and validate your survey data, while ensuring consistency and compatibility with your geospatial environment.

Divestco’s Survey Audit will help improve the geospatial integrity of your data and help you understand the spatial risks associated with survey data.

Survey Audit Strengths:

  • GIS and imagery-based survey audit processes that improve data accuracy
  • An efficient on-line work order and job-tracking system
  • Resources and expertise to handle domestic and international projects, historical or current, of any size and scope
  • In-depth processes that incorporate your survey database and our proprietary data library to determine the most accurate line location possible
  • GPS, U.S., and international survey audit expertise to help you take advantage of new technology and markets outside of Canada
  • Extended quality control checks when you have your database at Divestco
  • No charge to load your data into your database when it passes through our quality assurance

Full Survey Audit Not an Option? Consider Survey Assessment.

Survey Assessment provides a cost-effective method for qualifying and categorizing your data before you load it into your database. Divestco qualifies your survey information before we accept it as valid data through analysis of support information and other metadata. We will accept your data into one of the following categories:

  • Digital data loading
  • Data transcription
  • Comprehensive survey audit
In the end, your database will contain detailed information about the quality and source of your data, giving you all the facts you need to make confident and informed decisions.

Limited Survey Data? Consider Survey Construction.

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