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High-Resolution Time Processing

High-Resolution Time Processing gives you high-fidelity seismic images with stable lateral phase, imaging even subtle stratigraphic traps. We use sophisticated refraction techniques to achieve time-structure integrity, and through T5S we achieve high-resolution deconvolution. Our proprietary methods address character-distorting fast multiples, and ArchiTech5D offers advanced prestack interpolation.

High-Resolution Time Processing Strengths:

  • Broad bandwidth and stable phase output
  • High-resolution deconvolution, using the industry-leading T5S
  • FX4D surface-consistent prestack noise attenuation
  • ArchiTech5D prestack interpolation
  • INQUISITOR and greedy Gauss-Seidel Radon multiple attenuation
  • Crossspread domain FX and FKK noise attenuation