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Seismic Data Loading and Conversion Services

Divestco’s Seismic Data Loading services comprehensively and accurately loads your 2D/3D SEG-Y data. Divestco quality-controls your grid, well and culture data, and all LAS support data files before we send them to you. Our Conversion Services enable us to convert your third-party projects to WinPICS, and we can output your 2D/3D data to CSEG format and SEG-Y format.

Seismic Data Loading and Conversion Services Strengths:

  • Accurate data, which gives you trouble-free data loading into WinPICS or other third-party software
  • Further extension of your data loading by offering SMAC project data ties or synthetic seismograms, as required
  • Availability to choose the media that best suits your accessibility, physical storage, flexibility, and longevity needs
  • One-on-one relationship with a data loader, at all times