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CrossLog Suite

CrossLog suite consists of four powerful tools:  RED (the raster editor); LogEdit; LogPrinter and CrossLog; enabling you to use digitized vector and raster logs in a complete system for generating log cross-sections.  Your CrossLog Suite support team offers you the knowledge of Geologists and Computer Science.  They have more than 40 years of industry experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

I am not able to see raster logs. 

Raster not depth registered.  Use RED or email Divestco Support with the UWI and we will depth register it for you and have it available within 24 hours.    Using an older version of the software.  Make sure you have the latest of Divestco's CrossLog Suite software using the 'Help-About' feature.  If not, contact Divestco Support. Not using the correct template in LogPrinter.  Be sure the template chosen corresponds with the logs chosen.  ie. den - res for density and resistivity logs.  


How do I print digital logs using LogPrinter?  

You can only print digital data from CrossLog or LogEdit.  LogPrinter prints raster logs only.  


How do I create a structural cross section?  

Highlight the formation top to be flattened on by clicking on it.  Right-click, then click Flattening - Flatten the Closest Event.  To unflatten, right click, then click Flattening - Unflatten this view.