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GeoVista has evolved since the early 90's.  The GeoVista support team has the resources of Geologists, Engineers; Microsoft Professionals with over 80 years of industry related experience. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How to manage the properties for your Township / Sections Labels? 

To access the Properties for your Township and Section labels click Map -> Manage Township/Section Labels. 


Well Spots are missing from the map? 

To resolve this error you will need to either reload or reinstall the font on your machine.  To reload the font file try to restart the computer.  If you require the font file to be reinstalled please contact 


How do I post values to well spots on the map? 

This can only be done to created layers.  On the layers tab double click on the result layer that you want to post values to.  This will open the properties window of the selected layer.  From here you can click on the labels/posting button and choose up to 8 values to post to a single well spot (or pipeline segment).  After selecting your label, click OK, and click OK again on the properties window.  Your Map will now redraw with your added postings.