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Geomatics Workshops


Introduction to GeoWiz (3 hours)

This 3 hour workshop is designed to provide a simplified overview and understanding of GeoWiz. The course will cover recommended practices including the following:

  • How to import 2D seismic and other data
  • How to input points
  • Review of DLS Grids, shifts, and differences
  • Functionality of the work area and saving work spaces
  • Exporting of section boundaries
  • Bulk conversion of points
  • Basic calculations and funcitons
  • Creating importing and exporting filters
  • 3D Bin Grids
  • Directional Surveys - calculating Well Bore, loading tops; and calculations TVD and relative to well bore
  • EnerGISite; search and download relevant data
  • Prerequisite: This course is recommended for any new users, or as a refresher for those who do not use GeoWiz often