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Amplitude Preserving Processing

Amplitude Preserving Processing provides you with a proven amplitude-preserving processing flow. For many sophisticated seismic techniques, such as prestack inversion, it is important that all algorithms handle the data amplitudes carefully during pre-processing. By using a combination of proprietary techniques, our software maintains your data’s relative amplitudes, even in the presence of noise.

Amplitude Preserving Processing Strengths:

  • AVO-compliant philosophy avoids trace-by-trace processing and uses noise attenuation techniques that preserve primary reflection signal
  • SCAMP surface-consistent amplitude scaling
  • T5S surface-consistent deconvolution with hybrid option
  • Ground-roll suppression via CNRSHOT local slant-stack modeling, followed by interactive adaptive signal addback
  • Outlier-detection algorithms, which combine high-cut and low-cut filtering operations, with median filtering and adaptive signal addback
  • AVO-friendly Kirchhoff 3D prestack time migration