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Seismic Data Brokerage

Seismic Data Brokerage involves licensing existing third party seismic data to exploration and production companies for use in exploring for and developing new reservoirs, as well as maximizing output from producing reservoirs. Data licenses or “sales” permit parties to explore for oil and gas using the seismic information licensed to them; while ownership of the seismic information remains with the vendor or third party from whom it is licensed.

Divestco boasts the largest team of seismic brokers in Canada. Their expertise and experience coupled with innovative management services, including the use of eBroker for exclusive online QI project management, provides an innovative approach to traditional seismic data sales. Divestco’s Brokerage Team uses all resources available to query, analyze, report, and map the seismic data available in your project areas.

Seismic Data Brokerage Strengths:

  • Largest and most experienced sales staff in the brokerage industry
  • Most complete and accurate data listings, via the Seismic Data Listing Services (SDLS). Visit SDLS for more information.
  • Convenient access – direct through a Divestco broker, eBroker or MapQ
  • Order data for QI direct from your desktop (using eBroker)
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