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Seismic Data Acquisition Services

Divestco creates market and operates seismic surveys in areas selected through in-house expertise. Once selected, Divestco approaches oil companies to subscribe for seismic information prior to it being gathered in the field. When sufficient subscriptions are secured, Divestco hires sub-contractors to perform the tasks involved in conducting a survey. Through subscriptions, which Divestco records as multi-client sales, oil companies purchase an exclusive license to explore with the seismic information provided by Divestco. Divestco retains ownership rights to continue to license the data to interested parties after the exclusivity period has ended.

Seismic Data Acquisition Strengths:

  • Evaluate large tracts of land with cost-effective seismic
  • Explore in an area on a confidential basis
  • Interpret new, high quality data with little competition (only competitors being other subscribers) during a six-month exclusivity period
  • Allocate in-house personnel to other tasks that would otherwise be tied up supervising the acquisition of seismic data
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